Services I can provide

1:1 Coaching

One-on-one sessions (à appr. 90 min) offered either online or in person


Online or in person Applied Compassion trainings, workshops accompanying the mentoring processes and workshops on communication across cultures.

1:1 Coaching

Transition phases in academia

Your next career level with more ease and self-clarity

For (international) scholars who are in a transition phase (Master-PhD, PhD-Postdoc, Postdoc-Group Leader, or higher) and want to manage their new roles/tasks confidently and strengthen their self-awareness

For international scholars who are new in Germany and want to navigate through the German academia as well as to find a self-coherent way to deal with intercultural differences

Transition from academia to other working areas

Your career transition with less stress and more self-confidence

For (international) scholars who plan a transition from research to other working environments and want to manage this phase with more self-confidence and equanimity

Transition from one level to the next in your work and personal life

Your next career step with more courage and less self-critique

For (international) scholars who want to reflect on their potentials, external and internal resources,  (re)activate them, in order to make a leap into a new phase in their careers, and at the same time achieve work-life balance


NEW!!! Empathy / Compassion training

  • Definition and science of compassion
  • Science-backed principles: mindfulness, embodiment, and common humanity
  • Inner work: self-awareness, trigger, unconcious bias
  • Compassionate communication and becoming social architects of compassion at work
  • Scalable offer – ranging from talks, short / multi-(half)day workshops to multi-week courses

Workshops accompanying the mentoring processes for mentees

  • Kick-off
  • Peer coaching
  • Mid-term Exchange
  • Closing Event

Workshops accompanying the mentoring processes for mentors

  • Introduction to mentoring
  • Peer coaching
  • Mentoring and coaching skills
  • Mindful mentoring

Research careers in Germany

  • German academic system: an overview
  • Career stages and requirements
  • Career resources analysis (personal, identity, psychological, and social)

Career orientation for scholars from Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Orientation
  • Career options and requirements
  • Career resources analysis (personal, identity, psychological, and social)

Mentoring and guidance for young leaders

  • Reflection on leadership roles
  • Potentials and pitfalls of giving advice
  • Principles of mindful  mentoring and guidance
  • Tools for how to lead a mentoring/coaching conversation effectively and in a compassionate manner

Communication in multicultural and diverse teams

  • Causes and dynamics of cross-cultural irritations and challenges
  • Communication models for leveraging differences
  • Cultural humility and interconnectedness
  • Mindful communication skills