Transition successfully &
grow personally with

Dr. Phuong Glaser



My target clients

(International) academics who want a successful transition in their careers and a well-balanced life in Germany.

Multicultural and diverse teams whose members want to  collaborate more effectively, grow to their full potential, and thrive as a team.

Coaching areas

Career orientation and transition in and outside academia

Stress management


Confidence building and self-awareness


Training areas

Mindful mentoring and coaching

Communication across (working) cultures

NEW! Compassion training



Coaching/ Training languages

English – German – Vietnamese

Services I can provide

1:1 Coaching

One-on-one sessions (à appr. 90 min) offered either online or in person


Online or in person Applied Compassion trainings, workshops accompanying the mentoring processes, and workshops on communication across cultures.

1:1 Coaching

Transition phases in academia

Your next career level with more ease and self-clarity

For (international) scholars who are in a transition phase (Master-PhD, PhD-Postdoc, Postdoc-Group Leader, or higher) and want to manage their new roles/tasks confidently and strengthen their self-awareness

For international scholars who are new in Germany and want to navigate through the German academia as well as to find a self-coherent way to deal with intercultural differences

Transition from academia to other working areas

Your career transition with less stress and more self-confidence

For (international) scholars who plan a transition from research to other working environments and want to manage this phase with more self-confidence and equanimity

Transition from one level to the next in your work and personal life

Your next career step with more courage and less self-critique

For (international) scholars who want to reflect on their potentials, external and internal resources,  (re)activate them, in order to make a leap into a new phase in their careers, and at the same time achieve work-life balance


NEW!!! Empathy / Compassion training

  • Definition and science of compassion
  • Science-backed principles: mindfulness, embodiment, and common humanity
  • Inner work: self-awareness, trigger, unconcious bias
  • Compassionate communication and becoming social architects of compassion at work
  • Scalable offer – ranging from talks, short / multi-(half)day workshops to multi-week courses

Workshops accompanying the mentoring processes for mentees

  • Kick-off
  • Peer coaching
  • Mid-term Exchange
  • Closing Event

Workshops accompanying the mentoring processes for mentors

  • Introduction to mentoring
  • Peer coaching
  • Mentoring and coaching skills
  • Mindful mentoring

Research careers in Germany

  • German academic system: an overview
  • Career stages and requirements
  • Career resources analysis (personal, identity, psychological, and social)

Career orientation for scholars from Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Orientation
  • Career options and requirements
  • Career resources analysis (personal, identity, psychological, and social)

Mentoring and guidance for young leaders

  • Reflection on leadership roles
  • Potentials and pitfalls of giving advice
  • Principles of mindful  mentoring and guidance
  • Tools for how to lead a mentoring/coaching conversation effectively and in a compassionate manner

Communication in multicultural and diverse teams

  • Causes and dynamics of cross-cultural irritations and challenges
  • Communication models for leveraging differences
  • Cultural humility and interconnectedness
  • Mindful communication skills

About me

About me-Foto_Copyright_groß

My name is Phuong (my birth name is Kieu-Phuong Ha). I am Vietnamese of origin and 43 years old. I am very fortunate to have experienced different stages of an academic career, from Magister, PhD to Postdoc. Since 2016 I have been part of the Human Resources Team at the University of Cologne where I work as coordinator for mentoring programs. These programs are designed to support scholars from abroad in their career planning and personal development. Since 2019 I am certified mentoring manager, since 2021 certified coach and since 2023 Stanford ambassador and facilitator of Applied Compassion.

The reason why I have decided to become a coach, is that I would like to build a bridge between what we have learnt from science and research (e.g. the analytical thinking, different ways dealing with data, experiments and methods) with the question of how we really grow personally. With my background of 10 years in research, 25 years in Germany and 8 years in science management, I am familiar with the challenges international scholars often face, e.g. language barriers, (inter)cultural differences, gender inequality, job insecurity and self-uncertainty. Having gone through all of the ups and downs in work and personal life, I have learnt how to recognize and (re)activate my own (inner) resources and integrate them to plan my career and my life in a meaningful way.

In my coaching I will help you clarify your goals and resources by tailoring my tools and methods to your needs and values. You will gain more clarity and come up with concrete solutions and action plans on your own that help you head to where you want to be.


German Linguistics & Chinese Studies (Humboldt University Berlin) | PhD in Linguistics (University of Cologne)

Systemic Coaching (Institute for Applied Psychology, Cologne) | Certified Mentoring Manager (Netzwerk Mentoring e. V. Baden-Württemberg) | Consulting for Students and PhD candidates with Psychological Instability and Illnesses (University of Cologne) | Trauma-Awareness (Internationale DAAD Akademie) | Awareness Training (Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and the Awareness Training Institute, University of California) | Membership and regular continued education at SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) | Applied Compassion Training (at CCARE – Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University)

How I coach


In my coaching we will work together and focus on your development and your finding of solutions in a limited period of time. Commonly, 3 to 5 sessions (à appr. 90 minutes for 1:1 coaching, 2 or 3 hours for couples coaching) can help clarify a topic.

Each session normally comprises 5 C-O-A-C-H-phases:

  • Come together (contact and get to know each other)
  • Orientation (orientate towards your concerns/wishes)
  • Analysis (analyze your concerns/wishes and resources)
  • Change (initiate change)
  • Harbor (goal attainment and closing)

My working approach is based on the positive perspective from the humanistic psychology (by Carl Rogers) that in each of us we already have resources that are to be (re)discovered, (re)activated and implemented in order to achieve our goals and develop a meaningful life.

During our sessions we will both take the responsibilities for your goal attainment: You are the expert of your questions and concerns, you decide in which tempo we proceed and what topics we deal with. I am your sparring partner who takes care of the structure, methods of our conversations, and guides you so that you can come up with solutions on your own.

Main methods

In our coaching sessions I will use (but not restrict to) the following methods:

Systemic, resources-oriented techniques



Meditation and mindfulness practice


Communication tools

Quality assurance

In order to assure the quality of my coaching, I frequently attend supervision and exchange sessions with other coaches and critically reflect on my work.

Let's get in touch!

If you are interested in my services, do get in touch via email to set up a free telephone consultation with me. For 1:1 coaching, please include in your message a brief description of your goals and situation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Phuong Glaser

Tannenweg 23

50389 Wesseling