I really enjoyed my participation in the half-day workshop "Mentoring & Guidance" held by Phuong. Phuong is an extraordinary soft skill trainer and coach who is able to convey the course content in a very interactive and mindful way encouraging self-reflection as well as proactivity and inclusion of all participants. In my opinion the content of this workshop is very useful for my daily job duties as a lab manager in which I have to supervise and manage a lot of employees at different career stages and of various roles being it students, technician and postdocs. It was very helpful to learn the principles of “active listening” and to get tools to lead a “mentoring conversation” effectively and in a compassionate manner.

Dr. désirée schatton

Postdoc, Lab Manager, University Hospital Cologne & Cologne Excellence Cluster Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases (CECAD)

Phuong is a very qualified professional and a kind person. During our mentoring program for postdocs, she was always empathetic and open to meet our demands, which made the workshops accompanying the mentoring process more meaningful. She taught us ways to solve our individual problems collectively, which I found very valuable. She also helped me to recognize my potential and gave me tools to plan my next steps. I am grateful for the time we shared and I definitely recommend her as a facilitator and coach.

Dr. Natália Schmiedecke

Research Associate, Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Hamburg

The 1:1 coaching experience with Phuong is highly appreciated, we discussed about the short-term and long-term career development as well as the strategies on career promotion and negotiations. Phuong created a very professional platform and made great guidance on my personal development. In addition, she also made her feedback and our follow-up sessions very well, and I felt well-cared everytime we communicated.

dr. yue zhao

Researcher & Group Leader in Translational Surgical Oncology Research

What I liked the most about Phuong's coaching sessions are the clarity of her approach and her empathy. In each step of the transition process she helps you to visualize your options, make plans, think about alternatives and be in contact with your own body and feelings, which often helps to take decisions. Phuong has the perfect balance between professionalism and proximity, she is patient and makes you aware of your potential and your environment.

Dr. sara de la cruz molina

Researcher in Molecular Biomedicine

I am very fortunate to be coached by Phuong exactly at the time I needed it most. She helped me figure out what my challenges really are and find suitable solutions for them. I have realized that every single challenge can be dealt with if we ask the right questions. Phuong helped me build my confidence, be pro-active in solving problems, and particularly in balancing studying with other valuable aspects of my life. Thank you so much for your coaching, Phuong!

NGO thu anh

Student in Linguistics

For me, Phuong’s best characteristics as a coach are her great empathy and flexibility. Her working approach is meticulous and filled with a true interest in others. The methods in her coaching are manifold and holistic, but at the same time tailored to meet the needs of each individual. For example, in one of our coaching sessions, she spontaneously changed the schedule in order to address the acute situation I was facing. With success! I would strongly recommend Phuong further and wish her all the best for her future.

Florian Jäger

M.A. Media and Cultural Sciences

Phuong is such an amazing coach! I am grateful for her professional and skillful approaches and her patience during our career coaching sessions. Her instruction helped me to visualize my opportunities and challenges in a systematic and positive way that I had not been able to clarify by my own. I eagerly look forward to further coaching companionship with Phuong and thank her for her outstanding guidance.

Dr. phuong-hien nguyen

Researcher and CAP Group Leader in Cancer Biology

Phuong guided me towards having a general approach to problem-solving and career development so that I could make a plan by myself and apply the discussed methods to any future issues. Before the coaching with her, I already knew how to set up my own objective, but her tools gave me a deeper insight by helping me visualize my goals, identify the priorities as well as the gap between me and my future image. The recognition of my previous achievement boosted my self-confidence and motivated me to attain my goals, and to discover my potentials. Phuong is very patient, caring, and supportive. She gave me additive helpful tips, such as how to avoid and reduce stress. I'm so thankful and lucky to have the chance to be coached by her.

Thao Nguyen

Masterstudent in Behavorial Economics

Phuong's coaching is very structured and at the same time empathic. I felt understood and her methodology increased the effectiveness of the coaching process.

Sebi Schmidt

Life & Business Coach

The coaching sessions with Phuong were surprisingly to the point! I started with describing my challenge; all the related issues, obstacles, pros and cons flew, like throwing dices on the table. Phuong clearly saw which one to pick, though, and kept me focused on the main goal all the way in the meetings. I started with describing the challenge, but soon realized, through all the questions and answers, I came up with an action map as well as its timeline. I could see myself ready to jump in and face my challenge.

Roya Hamedani Golshan

PhD candidate in Astrophysics

Phuong is competent in her expertise. With whatever questions I came to her, she always had the suitable tools available that helped me go one step further. Phuong is an empathic listener and along with her ability to ask the right questions she has helped me gain more clarity, inspiration and energy for my next steps. I would highly recommend Phuong as coach to others and thank you for your excellent support!​

claudia held

Coach and Mediator

Phuong worked very closely with me during my career transition, going above and beyond the average career coach. Her coaching sessions are entirely tailored to your needs. She is an empathic listener and a clear communicator with an outstanding ability to ask the right questions. Her true interest in others gives a clear value to the meetings, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm are really contagious. Using the perfect coaching tools at the right moment, she helped me understand what my resources are and how to use them during my career transition phase. She also never forgets to keep you focused on the main goal. If you want to refocus your career, Phuong is the right coach for you. You will always look forward to meeting her again.

Dr. Maria Patron

Postdoc in Molecular Biology, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing

Through the coaching with Phuong I have learned helpful tools, which, on the one hand, contribute to better understanding of my own goals and needs, and on the other are very easy to implement in practice. I especially appreciate that Phuong always carefully chose the topics which match my individual questions and concerns as well as my professional and personal goals. Before and after each meeting, I also received valuable materials and notes concerning the content and the key points of our conversations. This way, even after the coaching has ended, I still have numerous helpful tips and hints at my disposal!

Alisa Hajdarpašić

PhD candidate in German Language and Literature